Dyslexia Therapy Training Courses and Applications

Introductory Level Course: Summer 10-day Intensive Training (Required for both Teaching and Therapy Levels)

  • Theory and practical application of intensive multisensory instruction techniques for the remediation of reading, writing, and spelling problems in dyslexic children and adults. Emphasis is on strategies for working with bright, yet severely dyslexic readers.
  • The foundations of the English language for reading and spelling: basic phonology (sounds, symbols, syllables, rules) as well as the linguistic and morphologic components of written English (affixes, roots) are studied. 
  • Recognizing the characteristics of specific developmental dyslexia.
  • Diagnostic profiles – comparing and contrasting dyslexia with other learning disabilities. 
  • Phonologic and orthographic processing – their roles in learning to read and spell.
  • Multisensory Linkage procedures for new introductions and reviews that aid long-term memory.
  • Teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, fluency, handwriting, spelling, and comprehension through an integrated, multisensory curriculum that optimizes neuroplasticity, creating more efficient pathways for reading and spelling. 
  • Practice teaching (with other trainees) following carefully structured lesson plans.

Trainees demonstrating mastery of all requirements will be approved to begin implementing Sounds In Syllables instruction with dyslexic students while continuing their training in the fall.  

Graduate Credit (4 units) available from Adams State University, located in Alamosa, Colorado, for an additional fee of $55 per unit. Resident status not required.

Course Dates and Location for 2020:  The 2020 class will be in Albuquerque, from June 8-19, meeting from 8:30 – 3:30 each day at Calvary Christian Academy near Tramway and Indian School.

Summer 2020 Training Flyer

Summer 2020 Application as a writable document.

Summer 2020 Application as a PDF.

You may contact the Director (see Contact Us) at anytime to inquire about the scope and sequence of this upcoming summer course, course prerequisites, and the application procedure. Or, come by the MLTI-NM exhibit table at the annual conference of the Southwest Branch of The International Dyslexia Association, February 21-22, Sandia Resort.

Tuition: $1250 which includes $250 worth of materials. Tuition is based on a minimum enrollment of 10.

Intermediate (Teaching) Level Course

Fall and Spring

A continuation of the theories and application of structured, multisensory language teaching. Emphasis is on perfecting skills in using S.I.S. strategies to teach students with reading and spelling disabilities. Participants begin teaching a student daily (at their own site) and continue throughout the year under the supervision of the instructor (using filmed lessons).  Classes meet one Saturday per month and provide the background, guidance, and specific techniques necessary to implement this approach. 

Successful completion of all instructional and clinical requirements qualifies a trainee to continue onto the Advanced Level of training if desired.

Tuition: $1200 ($600 per semester) dependent on a minimum enrollment of six trainees.

Graduate Credit (2 units per semester) available from Adams State University, located in Alamosa, Colorado, for an additional fee of $55 per unit. Resident status not required.

Advanced (Therapy) Level Course

Fall and Spring

Trainees continue to work with their first demonstration student and add a second and third situation when appropriate.  Monthly classes cover the advanced phonic, linguistic, and morphologic rules and generalizations which govern the language. Trainees also develop advanced skills in testing, writing reports, the use of accommodations, and the teaching of written expression, morphology, and study skills.  In addition, trainees are required to read research studies on topics related to dyslexia and to become better acquainted with other Orton-Gillingham based approaches.  (Graduate credit pending approval)

Successful completion of all courses and clinical requirements can lead to national certification with the Academic Language Therapy Association.



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