Multisensory Language Training Institute of New Mexico

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Congratulations to the Cohort of June 2022 for a job well done!

The Multisensory Language Training Institute of New Mexico (MLTI-NM), founded by Director Emerita Sandra Dillon, trains teachers and other education professionals to become Dyslexia Therapists, possessing the knowledge and skills necessary to teach individuals with dyslexia – and other language-based learning difficulties – to read, write, and spell. 

NEWS ALERT! Academic Therapy Language Association Honors MLTI-NM’s Director Emerita, Sandra Dillon – March 2022


MLTI-NM’s main focus is to train at the therapy level. Its Dyslexia Therapist training course is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (  IMSLEC began as a committee of the Orton Dyslexia Society (now The International Dyslexia Association) in 1990, and became an independent institution in 1995, accrediting MLTI-NM in 2001. MLTI-NM received its reaccreditation in July 2022.

IMSLEC accredited training centers meet The International Dyslexia Association‘s standards for teachers of reading.

New Directorship

An Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) teacher, Sandra Dillon, founded MLTI-NM in 1987 after years of working with bright, dyslexic students in the APS system. While she continues to be an MLTI-NM instructor, this Institute is now owned and directed by Mary Poirier Gilroy, who began training with Sandra Dillon in 1989 and who practiced as a Certified Academic Language Therapist for over 20 years with the Taos Municipal Schools. 

Ms. Dillon continues to own and operate S.I.S Publishing Co., the source of all materials used in MLTI-NM training. 


MLTI-NM is a training institute “without walls” but with an office in Taos County, New Mexico. While training can be arranged at sites throughout the Southwest region and beyond, most classes are offered on a regular basis either in Albuquerque or Taos or via Zoom.  (See Contact Us for more information)

People often ask me, “When are you going to retire?” I always respond, “Why would I leave work that brings me and those whose lives I affect so much joy?” I have Sandra Dillon to thank for my life’s passion,…and for setting the standard of excellence so high.” Ann R., Class of 1994

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